The Best Time a Middle-Aged White Man Called Me a “Drama Queen” for Having PTSD

Following my post on Thursday, I’ve a had a modest but nonetheless steady stream of traffic to this site. It mostly seemed to be coming from within the Wellesley community, so I was a little surprised when my mom sent me a link to a PBS article in which I am quoted. It’s a short piece without any particularly new or noteworthy information, and for whatever reason, the author only included my quote from the side that’s trying to get the sculpture moved inside.

My general MO in life is “never read the comments,” but sometimes I accidentally scroll too far, and I never fail to be disappointed by humanity. This time was extra special, though:

CommentAs one of the only people named in the article, and being described therein as “a former employee of the college who struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder related to sexual assault,” I can only assume this commenter means me. The best part of this?


She then provided me a series of links to his online presence, including a page displaying his professional credentials:


The irony here is too sweet. Delicious, delicious irony. Well-played, universe.

One thought on “The Best Time a Middle-Aged White Man Called Me a “Drama Queen” for Having PTSD

  1. Does specializes in psychology mean that he isn’t a real psychologist?? Like, I am a specialist in many things that are not my job- moving, explaining to teenagers why “big ol’ hoes” is not an appropriate classroom topic, and creating boards on pinterest. But, I wouldn’t describe myself as someone who “Specializes in teaching.” It sounds like he should say Specializes in being an Arse.

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