eurovision 2012

Eurovision 2012: A Promising Beginning

Y’all, Eurovision Finals are three weeks from Saturday. I CAN’T WAIT. Not only will Jedward be back for their second year running, but San Marino is entering this gem:

Unfortunately, the song was disqualified from the competition for referencing Facebook. But thank goodness, they have made a new version called The Social Network Song (OH OH – Uh – OH OH),” which I’m too lazy to look up, but I’m sure is equally excellent. Sadly, I’m extremely confident this will not make it through the semi-finals. Ah well. There’s always next year, San Marino.

PS Sorry I’ve been absent. I’ve been flitting around the country for the past couple weeks, being very busy and important. Also, writing really disturbing fairy tale retellings. I’ll get back to a regular posting schedule soon.

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