Happy First Birthday!

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My blog is officially one year old today! Last January 3rd, I started my New Year’s resolution of blogging once a week. I did great until mid-August, when everything went to shit. But hey! 8 months is a pretty solid timeline for a New Year’s resolution! I have real concerns about that kind of longevity for mine this year: eat real vegetables every day. It’s harder than you think! In fact, I already broke it, when I only ate things that can be purchased in gas stations yesterday, following an unfortunate roadside incident wherein R and I watched her boyfriend change a tire in the snow. NYE 2012 FTW!

Anyhow, I’m going to try to bring back the 1+ posts/week rule to my blog this year, if for no other reason than maybe my friends’ parents will stop harassing me about it at church (hi Mrs. E!). But right now, let’s step in a time machine and see where my blog took us last year… [Cue wibbly lines, soft focus and harp music]

Last year, I blogged 56 times and racked up a little over 18,000 page views. I’m pretty sure 16,500 of those belonged to K, who has promised to throw me a party when I hit 200,000, so keep up the good work, K! My most popular posts have been, far and away, my Neville Longbottom series (which hopefully I will bring back when I get a little more free time for reading (after January?), and, worryingly, this post about Jedward. In fact, “Jedward” is the most popular search keyword that leads to my blog. Thanks, Google.

The Search Keywords section of my blog stats is actually my favorite part of blogging. At first, it was mostly people looking for porn, who would disappointingly end up at my Korean Spa post after searching for things like “women naked in showers together,” but as I posted more, they varied and in July, I started keeping track of my favorites in a little segment I like to call “Search Term of the Day.” Here are my favorites from 2010:
  • they told me i could be anything i wanted so i became a god
  • Do Black people go to Spa World?
  • married neighbor hitting on me
  • jedward фото
  • gilbert blythe is my imaginary boyfriend
  • buffalo check Wikipedia
  • mike the headless chicken
  • Food choice gives me anxiety
  • i had to poop in a bag
  • jedward without stupid hair

They are less exciting now, almost exclusively relating to Jedward, Harry Potter, and Dima Bilan. But I still get that friendly reminder when I log in that people on the internet have filthy, filthy minds. Here is a list of today’s terms, for instance:

I don’t even know what regalia vodka is.

It makes me a little sad that my Jedward and Neville Longbottom stuff is so popular, because the posts that I like most from last year are not the most popular, nor the ones that were carefully planned and edited. Rather, these were spontaneous reactions to semi-disastrous situations, like the washing machine flooding, or my pet fish dying. You can’t plan for that shit! Sometimes, life just happens, and the best thing you can do is to laugh about it with everyone you know.

I can’t say that I hope that 2012 brings as much excitement as 2011 did, because I’m really, really tired right now. But when it inevitably does, I’ll be here to tell you about it.

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